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Monday, 23 November 2009

Do you suffer from Diaresis?

Do you suffer from Diaresis? Do you have an Acute Circumflex or a Grave Cedilla? If so, says the IPKat, there's no need to see a doctor. But you should get wise to the fact that Thursday 10 December is the apparently arbitrary date on which you will be able to register .eu top level domain names with twiddly bits on the letters. The culprit, or saviour (depending on your preference) is Eurid, which has done all this for you (click here for further information).

Says the IPKat, how long will it be before we see disputes over the registration of such gems as cøcåcðlã.eu and vęrĩző, I wonder. Says Merpel, mïâòû!

Eurid pdf with loads of twiddly letters here


Guesstimate said...

ĥŏώ áρρāļļįņģ!

AJ said...

With the following variations, including using a hyphen or not:

c x 6
o x 10
c x 7
a x 28
hyphen (or not) x 2
c x 7
o x 22
l x 20
a x 28

I make it almost 253 Billion combinations.

Anonymous said...

ιθ'δ αλλ γρεεκ θΩ με!

C.E. Petit said...

Does this mean that we'll actually be able to visit hofbrä online in München?

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