R'n'D: the biggest spenders

The 2009 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard gives some interesting facts and figures on the biggest spenders on research & development - R&D that will, hopefully, also lead to some IP.

From the press release:
Worldwide corporate R&D investment increased by 6.9% in 2008, in spite of the economic crisis. With an 8.1% increase, the R&D investment growth of EU companies', defined as companies having headquarters within the EU, is significantly higher than US ones for the second year, at 5.7%, and Japanese ones, at 4.4%. Two EU companies feature in the top ten: Volkswagen in the 3 rd place with an R&D investment of €5.93 billion and Nokia in the 8 th . The world's biggest investor in R&D was Toyota Motor, with €7.61 billion. The report also shows that companies from emerging countries have the highest R&D investment growth.

Two EU companies, Volkswagen and Nokia, are among the top 10 R&D investors; five from the US, including Microsoft, and General Motors, Pfizer; and one from Japan, Toyota, at the top position (see graph above; despite the title, only the 20 largest investors are shown here. Click for enlargement).

US companies have reinforced their leading position in the high R&D intensity sector, by increasing their investments by 35% in the last four years against only 13.6% in the EU companies. While the total US high R&D intensity sector is twice the size of the EU one in terms of R&D investment, EU companies in this sector show similar performance than US competitors in terms of R&D and related indicators.
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Japser said...

Five US companies in the top 10 and only two EU. We (EU) should be able to do better. Fortunately, R&D in EU increases at a higher pace.

And where's Philips? (I finally found them, between SAP and STMicroelectronics)

Good news for this patent attorney... Let's just hope those companies have not spent their last penny on only R&D so they will still be able to pay my fee. ;-)

Mark Schweizer said...

I guess the EU would wish Switzerland would join - that would double the number of EU companies in the top ten...

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