More hacked off? Mulcaire given leave to appeal

If mobile phones could talk,
all this could be avoided,
says Merpel
This Kat was snuggled up yesterday afternoon with his noise-cancelling headphones listening to Baroness Wilcox and her team give evidence to the House of Lords Committee about the Unitary Patent, as reported by the Amerikat here.  While he was so absorbed, a number of feline friends including Cat the Kat kindly drew his attention to reports (here, here and here) that Glenn Mulcaire has been given leave to appeal to the Supreme Court from the Decision (reported by the IPKat here) of the Court of Appeal that he is not entitled to claim privilege from self-incrimination in relation to phone hacking, because of the operation of s72 of the Senior Courts Act.  There will apparently be a 2–day hearing on 9 May.

The IPKat is breathless with excitement that this rather obscure provision of the Senior Courts Act will get such a thorough judicial consideration.  He looks forward to reporting the outcome.  Merpel wonders whether a Senior Courts Act needs Senior judges to understand it.
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