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So many people had kind things to say about last week's "Looking for something?" post, which listed -- in chronological order -- all the Katposts from the previous week, that the IPKat has decided to continue with this little experiment. Several people emailed to say how pleased they were, since they spotted something of importance to them that had been submerged beneath later items. On the other hand, a very large number of readers didn't -- which either means that they didn't miss anything or that they're still playing catch-up.

Anyway, last week's posts, excluding the regular features like the Monday Miscellany, Wednesday Whimsies and Friday Fantasies, look like this:
* "University IP and Commercialization: The Indian Way", here, in which Neil describes the tensions between private initiative and public enterprise in the hot-house atmosphere of a leading Indian research institute; 
* "Katonomics 13: a tribute to Mark Rogers", here, in which Katonomist Nicola Searle reviews the life's work of an unusually popular economist with a flair for IP-related work; 
* "Pirates' block? Courts get tough on BitTorrent Brigands", here. Early news of a get-tough decision to bar access to The Pirate Bay, in which only the copyright owners appear, plus news of a Dutch decision with the same object in mind; 
* "German Constitutional Court confirms BGH's 'AnyDVD' copyright decision", here. In this decision Germany's highest courts get to grips with the balance between copyright protection and free speech when it comes to the deployment of hyperlinks to sites that facilitate copyright infringement; 
* "What's the difference between a cat and an IPCom patent ...?", here, in which the IPKat reviews an important strategic victory for Nokia in its long-standing row with IPCom over the need to take a patent licence; 
* "Does and Don'ts, Rights and Wongs: US pornography goes to court", here, this being a curious case in which Cat the Kat turns the spotlight on US copyright and the protection of pornography; 
* "Adult fun, childish threats: Wild allegations of trade mark infringement", here, another tale from the US, this time involving Madonna, the Super Bowl and Girls Gone Wild; 
* "ACTA to be sent for judicial scrutiny: a Commissioner speaks", here, citing a media release of Karel De Gucht, imaginatively annotated by the IPKat; 
* "Whizzkid's Handbook temporarily confiscated", here, this being a follow-up to the previous week's story here concerning the publication by the European Patent Office of its Handbook of Quality Procedures before the EPO; 
* "Delays, drafts and distinguished discussants: the unitary patent moves on", here, this being the formerly latest news on that most changeable of subjects ...; 
* "It is not always reasonable to pursue all reasonable points", here, a slightly sad tale of a defendant in England and Wales patent proceedings which, though ultimately successful, didn't get an award of costs in its favour at first instance, having raised too many grounds at trial (though, on a happier note, it did get 70% of its costs of the appeal); 
* "Breaking news: Sky's no limit for Karen Murphy", here. The first the IPKat knew about the court ruling that Britain's best-known publican should not have been prosecuted for getting a cheap decryption device from Greece so that she could save £££ when screening football matches at her pub; 
* "Six of the Best: the IP Hall of Fame inductees for 2012", here, this being a list of some IP top dogs together with their pedigrees; 
* "That sinking feeling: will Titanic copyright claim go down without a trace?", here, another of those "it-can-only-happen-in-America" claims; 
* "America's new Patent Law: will it flop or fly?", here, in which the utility of a forthcoming US Patent Reform Forum is discussed against a backdrop of current uncertainty; 
* "What lovely melons – and the EPO wants you to know about them", here, in which Darren reports on the European Patent Office's public relations exercise in the field of fruit and vegetables.
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  1. For info - http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/european-scrutiny-committee/news/baroness-wilcox/


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