Renewal scams and useless registers: can you help?

Many a children's tale ends thrillingly when the Knight in Shining Armour comes to rescue the Damsel in Distress -- but it doesn't often happen that the Knight who is riding to the rescue is the Damsel herself. This is however the case here, where the Knight is one Kirsteen Knight -- and she is in urgent need of our help and support. Kirsteen is putting together a feature on scammers who send out misleading and official-looking missives to trade mark and patent owners, luring them into paying handsome sums of money for the privilege of renewing their rights or for listings in commercially valueless registers and directories. This programme will be going out on this Kat's beloved BBC Radio 5 this coming Sunday.

Kirsteen, who has done a lot of work on this subject, has no clear notion of how many victims have fallen for these scams. Nor indeed has this Kat -- but he believes that many people, and indeed some substantial businesses, have done so.

If you have any clue about the scale of these operations, can you please email Kirsteen at or phone her at 5 Live Investigates on +44 20 8752 7774 as soon as possible and let her know.  Time really is of the essence.  Please forward this post to anyone you think may be able to help.
Renewal scams and useless registers: can you help? Renewal scams and useless registers: can you help? Reviewed by Jeremy on Thursday, February 16, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Any idea what time this will be on?


Anonymous said...

They usually charge about £1,000 and must cost £1-2 each to produce and post so hit rate must be at least one in a few hundred or they wouldn't still be here.

Aaron said...

Exactly. We get 2-3 clients a day call us to check on these as well as Hong Kong Domain Registry quesries..

There wouldn't be so many if it didnt pay.

Almost Emeritus said...

The UKIPO web site customer feedback pages have what must by now be hundreds of complaints about this: see for example

Hans Sachs said...

Don't forget about the domain name scare scams from China.

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