Does anyone fancy some McFashion?

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Moschino’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection includes a big portion of McDonald’s inspired items. It is comprised of French fries phone covers, a Happy Meal box handbag and a soft drink cup handbag amongst others.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain and its golden arches are one of the most recognised logos in the world, indicating the value of its intellectual property. Moschino has always been known for its eccentric collections, but this one appears to be particularly successful and has recently attracted attention from health services, accusing it of glorifying fast food.

For those wondering if this blatant inspiration from McDonald’s trademarks and designs may constitute a potential infringement, the answer is no. A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We've signed a licence agreement with Moschino that allows them to use McDonald's intellectual property on the merchandise. Moschino will make a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities.” Far from damaging its reputation, these products seem to be good advertising for McDonald’s, giving them the opportunity to target a different group of customers. With the distinctive style of its products, Moschino is attracting considerable attention.

The public seems to have loved the concept, and as any other successful product, fake copies have emerged and are now being sold online with prices at less than a tenth of the price.

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Does anyone fancy some McFashion? Does anyone fancy some McFashion? Reviewed by Rebecca Gulbul on Saturday, July 19, 2014 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

Smacks of glorifying fast food to the masses who do not wear Moschino, although I doubt that your normal up-market Moschino lovers would dine at McDonalds ! How is this a good look for Moschino in any case ?? One almost sees the rationale for regulation - first, tobacco then fast food..

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