Ten million! Thanks so much ...

This morning the IPKat weblog's Google page-view counter (which readers may have noticed in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the IPKat's home page) reached the magical, if admittedly arbitrary, figure of 10,000,000.  The Kat, together with Merpel, just wanted to take this opportunity to say another big "thank-you" to their readers from all around the world who have kept on visiting their blog and whose comments, criticisms and witticisms have both educated them and enriched their understanding of IP and how it works.

Thanks are also due to the many regular and guest Kats past and present, plus our occasional guest contributors, for keeping a regular flow of at least passably interesting blogposts -- and, as ever, our especial gratitude goes to the legislators, lawyers, litigants and judges whose combined efforts, for good or ill, have provided such fertile material for us to discuss.

Thank you all!

Tama the ten million dollar cat here
Tommaso the ten million euro cat here
Ten million wildcats here
Ten million! Thanks so much ... Ten million! Thanks so much ... Reviewed by Jeremy on Monday, July 21, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Huffington Post gets 110 million a month, so still much to strive for.

    However congratulations! Very well deserved for an amazingly up to date comprehensive coverage of the IP scene.

  2. Dear Jeremy:

    This is an apawgee of achievement for a blog about cats that are interested in intellectual property. Or should that be IP practitioners who are interested in cats?

    In any event, felixitations!

    I am sure that I account for no more than a million of those hits.


    Uncle Wiggily

  3. Thank you, Uncle Wiggily for your kind words -- and for the various comments you have posted, which have kept us and our readers on their paws/toes!

  4. Not as many as the Huffington Post purr-haps but no cat-astrophe a claw-some purr-formance. Well done.

  5. Furmidable! Always a happy paws in the sometimes dull days of practice. May Merpel's tail twitch furever in anticipation of her next mewsing.

  6. Sorry, but how's Huff Post relevant here? For a specialist law blog? This is incredible! IPKat, well done.

  7. Take a bow, Merpel. You're the greatest.

  8. You are the cat's pyjamas!


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