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It's fun, but is it art? "Copyright or right to copy?" is the title of a free-and-easy art-and-copyright one-day conference that's coming up in March in the lovely city of Torino, Italy. There's an international cast of speakers, all of whom will have to exercise great self-discipline if the event is to run to time.  Details are available on Art & Artifice here.  The IPKat is happy to report that, this weekend, Art & Artifice -- a baby blog since it only started up a month ago -- has now welcomed its 150th email subscriber. You can take a look at A&A in all its glory here.

A different A&A is "aiding and abetting", which segues neatly into the IPKat's next plug.  If you are a patent person and have an interest in contributory infringement, the Patents Court for England and Wales decision in Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG v Derek Scott (trading as Scotts Potato Machinery [2010] EWCA Civ 1110 is just for you.  Shortly to be published in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP), but posted for your delectation on the jiplp weblog at no extra cost is this note by Graham Burnett-Hall (Marks & Clerk).

Apologies to Azrights! The link to the position for an IP solicitor that was mentioned in the most recent Friday Fantasies was broken (a red-faced Kat confesses that he managed to leave out the bit that goes 'http://'). If you're looking for a three-year post-qualification job with a difference, you can find the relevant link and other information here.

Click? I'm sure
it said 'Cluck'!
If you are an ordinary, normal, average sort of internet user who just happens to make some use of creative content, the 1709 Blog is currently seeking to entice you to participate in a short online survey which will not only help a sweet soul by the name of Simone with his doctoral thesis but will also provide some guidance which may just help Creative Commons align its selection of terms of use more closely with reality.  For further details click here.

"Patents, copyright, design,
patents, -- that's four. I've
not forgotten one, have I?"
The IPKat's friends at ACID ("Anti Copying in Design") have lost no time reminding him -- and their other friends and members -- of the impending Hargreaves Review of IP and Growth.  This is supposed to be evidence-based and not simply a repository for all the usual lobbying tales.  Accordingly, say ACID,
"Do you want to have your voice heard on intellectual property issues. Would you like David Cameron to listen to your experience of these issues and how they affect your business? Take 5 minutes of your time to complete a questionnaire which will contribute towards our submission to the Hargreaves Review on Intellectual Property. Please use this link to access the survey".
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