Devastatingly attractive and clever, like some great bird

This Kat recalls that the late Mr Justice Laddie in his seminal EIPR article "Copyright: over-strength, over-regulated, over-rated?", pondered the hypothetical scenario that might occur if "Mr Justice Jacob were to write maudlin poetry (of the sort we all know him to be capable of) to supplement his income as a judge".
Devastatingly attractive, and clever -- like some great bird
Now, it appears, the mythology surrounding Sir Robin Jacob has received yet another boost, and the IPKat is indebted to David Rose, of SJ Berwin, for spotting this revealing exchange in the Select Committee examining the UK Government's response to the Hargreaves Report. David hastens to note that the transcript (which you can read here) is uncorrected. 

In response to a question from Simon Kirby regarding Sir Robin's suggestion that a review of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998 should begin immediately, we read:
Baroness Wilcox: I always agree with that; yes, of course. However, it will take time to achieve and in the meantime we must act where change is needed and that is now for growth, so we will be acting there first, and then when we have the moment to do so we will move straight on. I am going to continue to speak with Robin Jacob on this. I know that he is now very engaged; he is free to speak. He has been a judge for a very long time and has not been free to say anything, so he has let loose now like some great bird, and he is so clever. [The IPKat thinks the Baroness surely meant to say Sir Robin has been let loose like some great bird. A great bird letting loose conjures up the wrong image entirely.] It is just wonderful to have him around, so I would like to see him every week really. We will come to it, I am sure. He is great company. 
Simon Kirby: Thank you so much for that answer.

Baroness Wilcox: I hope that’s acceptable as an answer.

Margot James: He was a wonderful witness.

Baroness Wilcox: Yes, he was a wonderful witness.

Chair : I must confess, I did not realise that practitioners of IP law could be so devastatingly attractive.
In fairness to the IPKat's readers, David does point out "I have always known that the IP community and each of its members is devastatingly attractive."

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  1. Don't know who will be most embarrassed by this. The suggestion though that, as a judge, he was in some way 'disengaged' and 'fettered' like some poor budgie in a cage, perhaps shows how few of his judgments the Baroness has actually read.


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