When romance meets IP: be the charming date of one of our #HappyKat event attendees!

We all know that IP is fun and sexy, but: can it be also romantic? 

The answer is 'YES!' when it comes to the thrilling opportunity that has just arisen in relation to our #HappyKat [this is the Twitter hashtag we will be using] event on 1st April, bearing the fun, sexy and romantic title 'Online Copyright + Enforcement = Happiness?'.

The event went sold out after less than 3 hours from its launch, and currently there are many people on the waiting list.

One of this Kat's friends got her ticket and happens to have a spare one, to share with a suitable WITTY, CHARMING and SINGLE IP man aged 26-36, who happens to live, work and love in the Cambridge/London area.

This young lady [let’s call her the Duchess of IP] is very charming, funny, and most clever. This Kat is confident to say that whoever is so lucky as to win her ticket – or woo her in the meantime – will have the time of his life. 

Interested? Then don't wait any longer and email whynotanipdate@gmail.com. Good luck!
When romance meets IP: be the charming date of one of our #HappyKat event attendees! When romance meets IP: be the charming date of one of our #HappyKat event attendees! Reviewed by Eleonora Rosati on Thursday, March 06, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. This is both ageist and sexist, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  2. Anonymous @11:07: If I were you, I would also add discriminatory because you have to be both witty and charming to win the ticket, and possibly also have some sense of humor. Clearly you don't qualify.

  3. Of course we do not know how long the contest is open for, and so cannot work out whether there is time to woo her in the meantime.

    I shall put on my special waistcoat and bow tie which I keep for wooing.

    The bow tie spins. Hypnotically.

  4. Without agreeing with Anonymous @ 11:07, Anonymous @ 11:27 quite misses the point that a respectable "sense of humor" does not involve jokes at the expense of age or sex.

    I am certain that second anonymous does not offend first anonymous with the reverse low bar of qualification being missed. Such would not be a qualification that one (politely) admits to.

  5. Dare me, Anonymous @ 13.02, I don't think this post is a joke. We're serious people, here.

  6. Alberto, you need to read with a bit more diligence, as it seems that you missed the first two words of my post.

  7. >Clearly you don't qualify.

    Because I'm female and under 26?

    It was supposed to be a little humorous, but it does rather expose one’s prejudices, doesn’t it.

  8. "but it does rather expose one’s prejudices, doesn’t it"

    I suppose so, but it's not exactly a new thing that people have "prejudices" when it comes to who they want to date, is it?

  9. Pictures please! Unless she really looks like the animal in the pic.

  10. @Anonymous @12:47: If interested, send an email with YOUR picture to the address provided and the Duchess of IP will be happy to provide more information :-)


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