Dreams are my reality: a new EU copyright event

EU copyright in a nutshell: Option 1
In May 2015 the EU Commission issued its Digital Single Market Strategy (DSMS) [here and here], in which it announced plans to reform EU copyright. 

In particular, the Commission indicated that a review of the copyright rules could encompass content portability and geoblocking; exceptions and limitations; and online enforcement.

The DSMS was followed by the launch of public consultations on the review of the Satellite and Cable Directive, and the role and responsibilities of online intermediaries and platforms.

As reported by this blog, yesterday the Commission:
  1. issued a proposal for a regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market;
  2. released a new Communication Towards a modern, more European copyright framework, in which it anticipated that policy and legislative action would be taken in respect of: (a) exceptions and limitations; (b) exclusive rights (including both clarifying issues facing linking and considering whether any action specific to news aggregators is needed); and (c) enforcement (including Follow the Money strategies, commercial-scale infringements, application of provisional and precautionary measures, and injunctions and their cross-border effect);
  3. launched a public consultation on the evaluation and modernisation of the legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.
EU copyright in a nutshell: Option 2
In parallel to this, also the EU judiciary has been having a significant impact on shaping copyright rules, with judgments that promise to have a profound impact on exclusive rights (including linking and the right of communication to the public) and exceptions and limitations alike.

On 14th January 2016 I am organising a new event, to be held at the London offices of RPC to review and discuss all these recent developments, including the feasibility (and desirability as such) of proposed Commission action.

Places are limited (with some tickets available for full time students), to provide everybody with the opportunity to discuss fully the present and future of EU copyright.

For those who cannot attend in person, it will be also possible to follow the event in either live streaming or at a later time via YouTube.

CDP points are also available.

For more information and to register just click here!
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  1. I don't know about anybody else but is this really the best that they can do? If it is then I wonder why anyone can possibly think that there is anything wrong with the current system of copyright protection.



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