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Missed the latest IP news? Here’s the 118th edition of Never Too Late!

The Rome Court demonstrated the narrow scope of Italian copyright exceptions for news reporting and criticism/review in the case of Mediaset vs Gruppo L'Espresso, finding that TV programmes could not benefit from either of these exceptions.

Economists Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström were awarded the Nobel prize in economics for their work on contracts. Their studies have examined how contracts affect relationships between employers, employees, societies and governments.

A round up of recent IP issues relating to Brexit and two upcoming events focusing on the impact of Brexit on IP.

Neil considered if we are on the cusp of a potential competition law problem in the area of cloud computing services, as recently reported by The Economist in an article on Amazon Web Services.

A round-up post of the week's news and forthcoming events.

Two recent English cases, Karen Millen v Karen Millen Fashions Ltd and Skyscape Cloud Services Ltd v Sky Plc, indirectly consider Declarations of Non-Infringement in relation to Trade Marks.

The German Federal Court of Justice's decision in Sparkassen Group/Banco Santander, regarding a dispute over the validity of Sparkassen's colour mark "red" for financial services, looked closely at the proper methodology of consumer surveys designed to prove acquired distinctiveness.

The German Federal Court of Justice overturned two decisions by the Federal Patent Court when correcting the fact finding of the lower court and invalidating the patents in question for lack of novelty.

The Cronut comes to the UK! US-based Katfriend Matthew Hintz informed us of the Trade Mark saga of the croissant-doughnut hybrid.

Katfriend Nedim Malovic updated us on the judgment of Universal Protein Supplements Corp v European Union Intellectual Property Office Case, T-335/15, EU:T:2016:579, concerning an application to register a figurative sign representing a body-builder as a EU trade mark.

The EU Commission has proposed a directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market that intends to introduce a new related right in press publications into the EU copyright framework.

The recent case of Secretary of State for Health and Others v Servier concerns the intersection of patent rights and antitrust claims, and the first occasion on which prescribing and reimbursement matters have been raised by way of defence in a claim made by public healthcare authorities against a pharmaceutical company.

Book Review: Nicholas Lovell’s The Curve.

A group of EU-based academics published a letter addressed to a number of EU institutions in the aftermath of the release by the EU Commission of the second copyright package.

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