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Edition No 196 of your favourite news briefing is out!


Kat Annsley discusses how the European Commission proposes Regulation to limit SPC protection with "export manufacturing waiver" which would help prevent delocalization of generics and biosimilars outside Europe, loss of investment and risk to innovation and job creation, with safeguards attached.


Kat Mathilde discusses the latest publicity strategy of fashion brand Balenciaga, namely to use paparazzi-style photos, aksing herself whether Balanciaga’s look-book also ooze with copyright issues...? See more in Paparazzi & copyright: where are we and where should we be?


Image result for equinorWhen you hear the suffix Equi are you brought to think about equity or horses? In a rebranding effort by Norway’s oil giant Statoil apparently the message it wanted to send was not so clearly perceived by the public. Kat friend Ingrid Omli discusses the linguistic misunderstanding and more in: When Norway's oil giant Statoil announced a rebranding, it was not "horsing" around

Event Report & Interview

SpecialKat Tian Lu brings us Part 2 of her Report on IPO’s 2018 European Practice Committee Conference (2/2). This half of the report takes about the future of the UPC, the jurisdictions of the UPC and national courts, the future of patent searching with AI and patenting artificial intelligence (examination practice at the EPO).  If you missed on part 1, you can find it here.

Yes Virginia, there is IP practice outside of London: a special interview. Kat Neil interviewed Dr Anna Molony and Richard Kempner, two IP practitioners who decided not to work in London sharing their professional history and the pros and cons of working outside of the Capital City.

Book review

This week, GuestKat Mathilde and Book Review Editor Hayleigh have some interesting books to report on:

Kat Mathilde plunged into Conceptualizing Copyright Exceptions in China and South Africa: this book provides a detailed comparative study of copyright exceptions in the context of research and education. Jia Wang, the author, also discusses the impact of digital technologies and the internet on research and education in developing countries.

Kat Hayleigh, tells us more about the book Contentious Trade Mark Registry Proceedings. This book is currently one of kind, in that it is the only text to provide to the practice and procedure of contentious matters before the United Kingdom Trade Marks Registry. The guide is authored by Michael Edenborough QC - who has appeared in over 275 matters before the UK registry and over 60 appeals before the Appointed Person. It also includes expert contributions from a number of other authors.


Never Too Late 195 [week ending on 27 May] Coreper agrees common position on text of draft DSM Directive | Sleepwalking towards a perpetual (news?) publishers’ right in online publications |  German Court: TV show may not use ‘bloopers’ from other network without permission |  US Congress considers extending copyright term | Swedish ISP Telenor will voluntary block The Pirate Bay | You don't think that street names matter: Try telling your grandchildren that your fancy office is on "Crustacean Street" | Stay of injunction in public interest: Edwards Lifesciences v Boston | Intermediaries and IP: 5 key principles of EU law | When is a decision on its merits not over? When Sky v SkyKick leaves rightsholders in limbo |  The Intellectual Property Owners Association | Report on IPO’s 2018 European Practice Committee Conference (1/2) |  Book review: Propertizing European Copyright – History, Challenges and Opportunities |  GDPR notification | Thursday Thingies | Around the IP Blogs.

Never Too Late 194 [weeks ending 13th and 20th May] Important amendments under Mexican law regarding patents, utility models and industrial designs | Decoding the Scope of Patent Protection: Singapore after Eli Lilly v. Actavis |  Can YouTube be primarily liable for users' infringements? | De Gaulle’s manuscripts: ‘public archives’ and ‘public domain’ – same difference in France? | When the movie drives the book (wait a minute, there is no movie yet) | The Royal Wedding and Intellectual Property Rights... Relax! | Doctor! Doctor! My trade mark opposition has been dismissed! | Retromark Volume III: the last six months in trade marks | An IPSOC Q&A with Mr Justice Birss | The EU Commission proposes new whistle-blowing rules: should IP and trade secret holders tremble? | Around the IP Blogs | Thursday Thingies | Friday Fantasies

Never Too Late 193 [week ending 6 May] The 18th World IP Day: A good day in China for J’adore Dior  | European Pharma Law Academy returns to beautiful Cambridge | Monday Miscellany | Around the IP Blogs! |When it comes to IP enforcement, Chinese IP maths: 3 + 15 = more than 18? | Swedish court holds that Google can be only ordered to undertake limited delisting in right to be forgotten cases | Book review: You Don’t Own Me: How Mattel v MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie’s Dark Side | Book Review: Patent Pledges Global Perspectives on Patent Law’s Private Ordering Frontier

Never Too Late 192 [week ending 29 April] Celebrating female inventors on World IP Day | Event report: Women, Coding & The Future | AG Campos Sánchez-Bordona denies communication to the public in ‘Cordoba’ case | BREAKING: 9th Circuit rules that Naruto has no standing under US Copyright Act | BREAKING: 9th Circuit rules that Naruto has no standing under US Copyright Act |  BREAKING NEWS: UK ratifies UPC Agreement | BREAKING: "Specifically, precisely and individually identifiable", AG Wathelet adds to the Article 3(a) SPC Regulation wrangle |  A telecoms blockbuster: Beijing High Court upholds patent injunction in IWNCOMM v Sony | No likelihood of confusion between ‘Bobo Cornet’ and ‘Ozmo Cornet’, says the General Court | The Wundversorgung decision - proportionality and injunctive relief in Germany | China to adopt punitive damages for IP infringement – An economic commentary | When fashion sought to protect itself through private collective action: recalling the Fashion Originators Guild
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