Too tired after a night on the tiles, the IPKat had insufficient brain to do any real blogging tonight. But, not wanting to disappoint his friends, he thought he'd surf some of his favourite sites and bring news of some of the more interesting things he found on them. So ...

* The Register carries a long and lively article on Microsoft's attempt to enlist the support of the World Trade Organization in its battle against the free software movement (on which see here).

* Also in The Register, Bob Larkin's victory over the British Airports Authority in the pitched battle for control of the domain name.

* Findlaw tells us of a US bill to enable reporters to preserve the confidentiality of their sources, their notes, ptheir hotographs and other material.

* The BBC warns of a Lazarus-like virus that comes back from the dead (click here for the real Lazarus story -- it's a bit like revived copyright term in the European Union: click here for Paul Geller's great article on zombies and once-dead copyright works).

* Adbusters remind us that next Friday, 26 November 2004, is "Buy Nothing Day". If this doesn't bring Nike, Starbucks and Walmart to their collective knees, well maybe something else will.

* tells us of the forthcoming death of FM radio.
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Anonymous said...

Surely the chances of President Bush ever signing, and his majority Republican party ever voting for, the Democrat-sponsored press confidentiality bill are zero. After all it is Federal prosecutors who are seeking details of the sources in the principal case in issue - the investigation into whom divulged that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent.

A courtroom attack based on unconstitutional free-speech "chilling" might have a better chance of success.

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