WIPO allegations: can anyone advise?

Since posting news of the deferred resignation of WIPO head Kamil Idris last week, the IPKat has received a number of communications relating to serious allegations of a criminal nature relating to WIPO and its administration. Some of these communications have named specific individuals.

While the IPKat is committed to improving the legal and moral environment in which we all work, he doesn't have the authority or the resources to research these allegations himself; nor can he pursue them if they are substantiated. He is also reluctant to publish allegations that are false or which cannot be substantiated, since this will not only damage the reputations of others but will harm the reputation of this weblog.

Can any reader advise the IPKat as to the correct authorities to whom any such allegations should be made and any available information supplied? He assumes that these may include WIPO and Swiss enforcement or investigation agencies. Contact details would be greatly appreciated and will be published on this weblog. Please post any useful information below or email the IPKat with it here.
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