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Monday, 12 November 2007

Where are the new Rules?

The IPKat has been eagerly awaiting the new "modernised" set of Patent Rules for several months now. The rules were officially announced back in March 2007 in a formal consultation (noted in a previous IPKat post here). The Office stated back then:

"Subject to the outcome of this consultation, we propose that the Patents Rules 2007 will be made and published in early Summer and will come into force on 1 October 2007. This delay in commencement will give users and the Office the opportunity to adjust to the new provisions and the renumbering. It will also give the time for updated guidance to be issued, as well as any comptroller’s directions."

Having thoroughly checked both the UK-IPO and OPSI websites, the IPKat has failed to spot any announcement, official or otherwise, on whether or when the new rules are to be brought into force, let alone what the result of the consultation was. Can any of his readers help?


Julie said...

According to a nice man in the litigation section at UKIPO, it is '99% certain' that the new rules will come in to force on 17 December 2007

David said...

Many thanks Julie. I presume we will get at least some warning, in the shape of a SI, before then?

Julie said...

the announcement and final version of the Rules should be on the UKIPO website this week or next, along with a full concordance with the old Rules

Julie said...

still no official announcement, but looks like the relevant SIs (Nos 3291-3293) were laid before parliament yesterday:

David said...

Many thanks Julie. It looks like they will be the next to appear on the opsi list of SIs.

David said...

...and here is the official announcement from the UK-IPO. Time to get to work.

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