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Friday, 20 February 2009

Around the blogs

A stylish, sassy new blog on the block is Fashionista-at-Law, which you can find here. Not just an intellectual property blog, the opinionated, perceptive Fashionista is powered by a team of nine and it seeks to tie together the many different strands of law-meets-fashion. Naturally there's design and branding news, but this blog also covers insolvency, distribution, retailing issues, shop-lease policies, finance, outsourcing, corporate responsibility -- in short, a real shelfload of cans of worms that the fashion sector dare not neglect.

The admirable and ever-informative Intellectual Property Watch weblog has undergone a couple of discreet but welcome changes.

"Readers may have noticed a few changes ... which we hope will make us easier to use as we bring you the same great content like breaking and in-depth stories and expert views, plus new features like a microblog (the IP Burble), better subscription management, improved search capabilities, a new discussion forum, more podcasts and other products and services. For those signed up to our RSS feed, you will need to update your feed reader with the following new feed address:"

Improbably, The SPC Blog -- perhaps the most niche of all the IP niche blogs -- has just notched up its 300th email subscriber. With over 50 RSS feed-readers and over 1,500 casual visitors to the site each month, it seems that there is evidence that interest in supplementary protection certificates for patents is running at an all-time high.


Anonymous said...

With so much corruption in high places these days, the excellent Jeremy should always be sure to disclose his many interests to his IPKat readers - the team running this new 'stylish, sassy' Fashionista blog includes him!

Jeremy said...

Ooh! I wouldn't like anyone to be able to tell my Fashionista colleagues that they were feeding off my goodwill as a blogger! Fashionista has to stand, or fall, on its own merits and not on my involvement in it.
Have a nice weekend :-)

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