PatLit -- a new blog on the block

Going live today is PatLit, a blog specially crafted for the patent litigation and dispute resolution community. It's put together by a team of enthusiasts with the help and involvement of IPKat team blogger Jeremy. 

The PatLit weblog is still in its relatively early stages and hopes to evolve in order to address the many and varied issues that patent disputes raise, for example
* the cost of patent litigation;

* choice-of-law and selection of forum in multi-jurisdictional disputes;

* the deployment of expert witnesses;

* injunctive relief against infringers and declarations of non-infringement against patent owners;

* assessment of damages;

* negotiating settlements -- and the impact of competition rules on those settlements.
So if topics like this excite you, whether you're a patent owner, a litigation practitioner, a patent attorney, an infringer or anyone else who likes to see how the rough end of the patent system works, please feel free to check PatLit out. You can visit it here
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