Kats at INTA 6: some odds and ends

Soaking in the local couture ...
The funniest thing this Kat has heard over the past few days of rain and deep humidity in Hong Kong was an unintentional comment made by a lady to someone who was manning a booth in the INTA Exhibit Centre.  When asked if she enjoyed travel, she responded : "I love travelling to foreign parts and soaking in the local culture".


Here's a thought, taken from iPiT's LinkedIn Group.  iPiT founder and former guest Kat Robert Cumming has started a discussion in which he asks:
"When will a hashtag infringe a trade mark? "The hashtag #, or octothorpe depending on your etymological preference, is commonly used on social media to group discussions according to their topic. For example, tweets which include #iplaw allow users to quickly filter posts about IP law. But what about when lawyers use the hashtag #INTA14? Could that ever entitle the International Trademark Association to bring an action for infringement?"

Around the weblogs.  The IPKat isn't the only blogger who has put paw to pad, as it were, in order to give readers the benefit of a subjective view of this year's INTA Meeting.  Posting on the IP Factor, Michael Factor's story, "INTA --Washout" narratives the physical and the metaphysical dimensions of his visit to Kong Kong, here.  Erik Pelton takes a look at the new Netflix logo, contrasts it with the old one and asks: "Love it or leave it?" Ron Coleman (Likelihood of Confusion) makes a frivolous point with a cunningly concealed major issue concealed within it: he asks, as a regular sponsor but current non-attender, about the capability of an absent sponsor to exercise quality control.  Another whimsical post with a core of steel is solo practitioner Sally Cooper's post on the SOLO IP blog on the Association of Sole Practitioners, here, noting that this year's event attracted 192 solo practitioner  registrants, from 59 countries. This Kat is sure that there are plenty more INTA posts lurking out there and just waiting to be found ...

That's all for now, folks! Tomorrow, unless something sufficiently blogworthy occurs to spur this Kat into action or one of the other Kats is stirred into action, there won't be a 'Kats at INTA 7' post.
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