Farewell to Jeremy, and thank you, from the IPKat team

Jeremy Phillips, who retires from this blog to
a unanimous chorus of praise, gratitude and affection
Following Jeremy’s post announcing his retirement from the IPKat blog, the entire blog team wishes to extend an inadequate but very heartfelt thank you to Jeremy for the endless work he has put into the blog for the last 12 years, day after day.
It is self-evident to everyone who has read or interacted with the blog that, without Jeremy’s constant efforts, the IPKat could never have continued to grow and flourish as it has done. We know the community of readers and the IP community at large will join us in wishing Jeremy the very best in his retirement.
Having enjoyed yesterday’s retirement celebrations with Jeremy, today the IPKat blog team reverts to business as usual. The IPKat blog is a collective effort, and the members of the team are committed to continuing to provide news, commentary and analysis on all aspects of IP, with the continuing support of all of our readers, commenters, correspondents and guest contributors.
The IPKat and Merpel are as eager as ever to hear from you the readers, whether it is to draw their attention to news, case law, information about IP events, guest post ideas and submissions, or feedback on the blog and its contents. The IPKat’s email address remains unchanged (theipkat@gmail.com), as does Merpel’s (merpel.mckitten@gmail.com).
Farewell to Jeremy, and thank you, from the IPKat team Farewell to Jeremy, and thank you, from the IPKat team Reviewed by David Brophy on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

a long, happy, healthy pension to you Jeremy !!

All the best

Johnny said...

My dear Professor, very best wishes for you, thank you for your lectures, lessons and friendship, hope seeing you soon!

Deniz said...

Dear Jeremy I will miss you...

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