Social media and Socialbakers: a curious list of brands

It is only recently that this Kat has derived much joy from his LinkedIn account. It indeed occurred to him that  accepting an invitation to be in contact with people you don't know very well can be the best way to ensure that you never hear from them again. He has however had better value from some of the LinkedIn Groups. From one such group -- the Trademarks Group-- where Ali Hijazi (AGIP Libya Manager at Abu Ghazaleh Intellectual Property) alerted him to a neat bit of benchmarking, the Socialbakers table of leading brands, listed by the frequency with which they are indexed on Facebook.

The chart of the top fifty Facebook-indexed brands looks like this:

1.Coca-Cola33 477 843+3.68%
2.Disney27 868 060+3.16%
3.Starbucks24 400 728+2.47%
4.Oreo22 730 963+2.69%
5.Red Bull21 916 424+2.25%
6.Converse All Star20 545 916+2.27%
7.Converse19 798 240+2.95%
8.Skittles19 038 735+2.37%
9.PlayStation16 959 069+2.94%
10.iTunes16 456 449+2.55%
11.Pringles15 233 765+2.17%
12.Victoria's Secret14 878 782+2.42%
13.Windows Live Messenger14 155 819+1.08%
14.Monster Energy11 989 970+2.99%
15.Ferrero Rocher11 951 838+1.45%
16.Nutella10 984 001+1.87%
17.Xbox10 956 691+3.50%
18.adidas Originals10 726 533+2.06%
19.Dr Pepper10 363 623+2.86%
20.Victoria's Secret Pink10 212 255+2.19%
21.Starburst9 856 099+2.22%
22.ZARA9 855 916+1.99%
23.McDonald's9 838 920+4.66%
24.Disney Pixar9 721 195+3.16%
25.Nike Football8 709 300+2.29%
26.Walmart8 388 517+11.61%
27.Subway7 993 973+1.77%
28.H&M7 937 392+2.29%
29.Reese's7 922 763+3.02%
30.BlackBerry7 825 879+5.02%
31.Burberry7 515 846+7.46%
32.Starbucks Frappuccino7 410 535+3.00%
33.Taco Bell7 390 080+2.24%
34.Levi's6 817 581+10.89%
35.Lacoste6 304 816+2.20%
36.BMW6 301 022+2.86%
37.Mountain Dew5 902 974+2.71%
38.DC Shoes5 789 384+2.55%
39.Kohl's5 597 224+8.93%
40.Puma5 483 771+1.61%
41.Sony Ericsson5 463 080+3.26%
42.Pepsi5 337 576+11.03%
43.Target5 318 242+5.22%
44.5 Gum5 205 383+2.70%
45.Gucci5 164 814+2.88%
46.Buffalo Wild Wings5 039 117+1.40%
47.Forever 215 010 231+2.55%
48.Ferrari4 924 449+2.69%
49.Nike4 874 133+3.27%
50.adidas Football4 759 128+3.74%

The list is quite different from the leaders that feature in the Interbrand Top 100 brands list in several respects.  First, notes the IPKat, no fewer than six brands (Disney, Starbucks, Nike, Victoria's Secret, adidas and Converse) have two separate entries. Secondly, the infotech heavies are definitely out: there's no room for brands like Google, IBM, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Cisco, Samsung, Oracle and SAP. Astonishingly, Nutella is way up there with the best of them, while it doesn't rank on the Interbrand scale at all.  "Why be astonished about all this?" Merpel wants to know: "Surely the Socialbakers tells us much more about Facebook users than about the brands themselves -- and much more about the United States than the rest of the world, given that Facebook use seems far more pervasive there".
Social media and Socialbakers: a curious list of brands Social media and Socialbakers: a curious list of brands Reviewed by Jeremy on Monday, August 15, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. Although Apple and Microsoft are not listed as brands, both companies are represented by sub-brands (iTunes and Windows Live Messenger). Nike must also be happy as it owns Converse.


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