Never too late: if you missed The IPKat last week

In The IPKat team: arrivals, farewells, and news, PermaKat Merpel introduces the new Kats and says goodbye to those Kats who will not continue with the blog. In spite of these changes, for Kat readers, it is always “never too late” to catch up on the latest IPKat posts.


In Nokia v. Daimler: (anti-)anti suit injunctions and the Brussels I regime in global FRAND litigation, new GuestKat Léon Dijkman reports on the dispute before the Munich Regional Court between Nokia and Daimler concerning standard essential patents in the automobile industry.

Léon further reports in Are FRAND-dispute too complex for PI proceedings? on the decision of the District Court of the Hague in Sisvel v. Xiaomi, addressing the issue of preliminary relief in a FRAND-related case.

GuestKat Rose Hughes, in When will the appeal fee be refunded?: G 1/18, the decisionreports on the opinion of the Enlarged Board of Appeal in G1/18 concerning the correct interpretation of Article 108 EPC in the context of Rule 101(1) EPC about the notice of appeal.

In Coloplast v Salts: Should UK infringement proceedings be stayed if the patent has been opposed? Rose reports on the decision of the UK High Court in Coloplast v Salts, in which the court applied the IPCom guidance (IPKat post here) to decide whether proceedings should be stayed in view of EPO opposition.

GuestKat Frantzeska Papadopoulou reports in Patent infringement in public procurement? Still awaiting an answer on a recent patent case in Sweden rejecting a claim of contributory infringement in connection with submission of a public tender.


SpecialKat Hayleigh Bosher discusses in Jury awards Joyful Noise $2.8M in copyright infringement damages for Katy Perry's Dark Horse the reasons why the case of Marcus Gray v. Katheryn Elizabeth is a worrying precedent for songwriters because the threshold for infringement appears to have been driven ever lower.

Hayleigh Bosher reports and comments in Gigi Hadid Instagram copyright infringement case dismissed in the case Xclusive v. Jelena Noura Hadid concerning a celebrity’s use in her social media of an image taken by a photographer.

In US Senate Judiciary Committee approves small-claims copyright bill (CASE Act) and reports its to legislature without amendment, new Guest Kat Thomas Key reports on the approval by the US Senate Judiciary Committee of the small claims copyright bill (CASE Act) and explores the contents of the bill.

Trade marks

In AG opinion regarding Aceto Balsamico leaves a sour taste for Modena, GuestKat Alex Woolgar reports on the AG opinion in Case C-432/18, in which the AG advises the CJEU to rule that the terms “Aceto”, “Balsamico” and “Aceto Balsamico” should not be qualified for protection as protected geographical Indications (PGIs).

New InternKat Kan He summaries in 'Going down' is a trade mark that causes a bad influence on morality, says the Beijng High Court in China a trademark decision in China concerning the refusal to register a trade mark consisting of a common English phrase because it may have meaning that is contrary to public morality.

Kat friend Fredy Sanchez Merino reports in Latin-America – a whole lot of trademark activity is going on about trade mark activities in this region, including the Designation of Origin (DO) for Tequila in Brazil.

Thomas Key, in SportFuel is running empty after losing appeal: US 7th Circuit Court affirms that Gatorade’s slogan “Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company” is fair use, reports on the decision of the US 7th Circuit Court in SportFuel, Inc. v. PepsiCo, Inc. regarding whether use of another’s trademark in a marketing slogan is fair use.

Book Reviews

Previous GuestKat Eibhlin Vardy reviews the book, “Unified Patent Protection in Europe A Commentary”, by Winfried Tilmann & Clemens Plassmann. This book covers legal instruments of European patent protection in relation to unitary patent protection and the unified patent court.


PermaKat Neil Wilkof, reports here that Professor Shamnad Basheer, a renown IP scholar in India and the founder of the iconic IP blog, Spicy IP, has tragically passed away at the age of 42.

In Remembering Shamnad Basheer, Neil recounts Shamnad's manifold achievements in IP and his support in enabling poor Indian students' access to the National Law Schools.

New InternKat Riana Harvey in Thursday Thingies inter alia reported on the reduced copyright dispute mediation costs in Singapore.

TechieKat Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo, in WIPO launched its first program on IP for indigenous women, introduces the training and mentoring program on IP for women entrepreneurs from indigenous people and local communications.

SpecialKat Tian Lu reports in IP Tribunal of SPC opens first circuit trail in July 2019 on the first circuit trial of the IP Tribunal within the Supreme People’s Court of China and explains the reasons for the establishment of this court.


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