Harry Potter takes on goddess

India Express reports that the organisers of the Salt Lake FD Block Durga Puja (a festival devoted to the Hindu godess Durga) are in trouble with JK Rowling. The organisers chose Harry Potter as the theme of their Puja, and have made their pandal (a temporary structure built to venerate the goddess) in the shape of Hogwart’s school, complete with models of Potter and his chums inside. Rowling is unimpressed, and has brought an action for copyright infringement before the Delhi High Court.

The IPKat will keep his thoughts on using a commercial character for sacred purposes to himself. Instead, he’ll confine himself to musing about where the copyright infringement is here. Have the organisers actually reproduced promotional images, or those found on the book covers, or is Rowling instead attempting to assert copyright in the characters themselves, rather than a particular depiction of them? This would seem like a tall order.
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