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Tuesday, 26 April 2005


The IPKat has just received from his old and distinguished friend István Gödölle a copy of the 31st issue of the Proceedings of the Hungarian Group of AIPPI. The Hungarian group has a record of long and enthusiastic commitment to the analysis of live issues in intellectual property, even during the dark days of the Iron Curtain. It is therefore with pleasure that the IPKat reviews this latest offering. Recommended features include
* "Changes in the Trademark, Design and Patent System after the EU Accession" (reprinted from Danubia's Spring 2004 IP Newsletter);

* Dr Alexander Vida's article, "Imitation of Distinctive Signs: Trademark Law and/or Competition Law?"

* Dr Peter Lukácsi on "Comparative Advertising in Hungarian Law".
The English text has been revised by Timothy R. Holbrook (Chicago-Kent College of Law), who has managed to ensure that the translations are intelligible without ever losing their Hungarian flavour.

The Hungarian AIPPI doesn't seem to have a website, though it does have a telex (has any reader of this blog ever used a telex?). Probably the best way to contact the group is by phoning +36 1 353 1661 or by faxing +36 1 353 1780.


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politakis said...

Easymobile denies it's a 'flop'
By Tim Richardson
Published Monday 9th May 2005 13:02 GMT
EasyMobile has rejected reports that the discount mobile telephone outfit is a flop. When it launched in March it claimed to have sparked a "mobile war" in the UK amid claims that this new cut price approach would shake-up the sector.

However, far from being a threat to the established mobile phone industry, The Telegraph reports that the Stelios-backed business has failed to take off and only signed up 5,000 punters in the two months since its launch.

But speaking to The Register, easyMobile boss Frank Rasmussen dissed the report insisting that the numbers quoted were "not correct". He declined to say exactly how many punters easyMobile had attracted so far except to say that it was "more than 5,000".

And since the company has only been marketing the business for the last two weeks (March was just a "soft launch" apparently), Rasmussen added it was "a little too soon [for others] to judge".

Indeed, plans to roll-out easyMobile into Europe are still going ahead. Last month TDC - one of the companies behind easyMobile - has teamed up with Dutch network operator Telfort to launch the no-frills mobile service in the Netherlands.

Speaking last month, Rasmussen said he had "great expectations for... the Netherlands", proclaiming: "We have already introduced the concept in the UK and gained our first international experience. In spite of the incumbent British operators having responded aggressively to our introduction, the launch in the UK was very successful and exceeded our expectations."


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