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Thursday, 21 April 2005


The IPKat thought you might be interested to know that last week he received 2,473 visits -- a new weekly record. 546 of those visitors read the blog last Thursday, the largest number recorded for a single day (that's one visit every 2.64 minutes). Many thanks for supporting this blog and for making it so worthwhile.

Patient bloggers wait in line for their turn at the computer


blimundus said...

In addition, 71 people read IPKat with the webbased Bloglines tool. Others, including myself, subscribe to the atom feed that makes it easy to read blogs with special feedreaders, or even better, with Thunderbird, the excellent free program that I also use to read my e-mail. (In case you don't know how to do this: here is an explanation from my blog... which is in Dutch and I do not have access to the ECJ's translators; but you can have a look at the picture which says it all).

Of course, I had to visit the website itself (and make the visit counter increase) to write this comment.

- IPKat has even more readers than he could ever imagine!
- Thank you for making our visits worthwile!

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Blimundus, for your comment. I've never got the hang of feeders but will try hard to get one to work in the light of your constructive suggestion.

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