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Thursday, 10 April 2008

"We love you UKIPO" - and it's official

According to a survey of 468 users of its services at the end of last year, the UK Intellectual Property Office has hit a five year peak in customer satisfaction. UKIPO's website reports that 97.9% of users of its services expressed themselves happy with the UKIPO -- which was commended for its friendliness.

Says the IPKat, there must be some explanation: perhaps our readers would like to make some suggestions. Merpel sulks: 97.9%? Even my own friends don't score that high ...

Right: Patent examiners never used to be like this ...

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Daniel said...

Perhaps its the contrast with the European Patent Office.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly Daniel, or indeed the OHIM for that matter.

Makes you wonder also if the UK-IPO is secretly none to pleased with this outcome. After all, where else can you go from a 97.9% rating - apart from down ?

Another point about these surveys is that it's rather like your heart surgeon asking you, as a patient, if you think they perfomed well. Well, you simply haven't got a clue; they smiled nicely...

Anonymous said...

I worked for an American computer company that had a comprehensive customer satisfaction compensation plan for its employees. If salaries (or at least appreciation) depends on customer satisfaction, it becomes a trding itemt, that, unlike real money, can be created by the customers at will: "if give you some satisfaction if you do this-or-that for me". Well, to some extent that is natural, but it could end in outright corruption.

Anonymous said...

A bit like the general "election" results in the former GDR... ;-)

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