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Trade marks

In EUIPO fifth board of Appeal says that a request for cancellation is unfounded when based on non-existent earlier right GuestKat Nedim Malovic discusses the EUIPO decision concerning the Polo/Lauren Logo. The fifth board of Appeal rejected the request for invaliditation of the Polo/Lauren Logo as it was based only upon an industrial design right which ceased to be valid due to its not renewal.

In CJEU: "EZMIX" devoid of distinctive character and descriptive for software used in music production Nedim Malovic reports on the CJEU's decision in C-48/18, underlying that once again the CJEU made it cleat that only decisions on point of law may be subject to appeal to the Court.

If you Trespass on a trade mark you won't have a FUNTIME, by GuestKat Rosie Burbidge, discusses the recent decision in Leun Fat Metal and Plastic Manufactury Limited v Jacobs & Turner Limited t/a Trespass's IPEC, which acknowledge the inherent and acquired distinctiveness of FUNTIME for goods in class 28 (Games, toys and plaything; electronic games).


Copyright infringement: physically possible? by GuestKat Cecilia Sbrolli discusses the possibility to consider math exercises as a form of literary work and that the unauthorised publication of the exercises might be considered tantamount to copyright infringement.

Former GuestKat Mirko Brüß writes about a recent German decision in which a radio steam ripping service were found liable for copyright infringement and consequently discusses about the exceptions and limitation of reproduction right as provided by Germany in section 53 of the German Copyright Act and the who "pushed the button" test. (German Court determines the limits of private copying). 

In Exploiting arrangements of traditional (gospel or folk) music in South Africa Chijioke Okorie writes about the "16,7 % arrangement rule" applied to arrangements of traditional music and discusses the nature of traditional music: is it an orphan work or is it in the public domain?

In thinking out loud on composers, craftsmanship and copycats Kat friends Jakob Wested and Jørgen Blomqvist discuss the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal decision regarding Robin Thicket and Pharell Williams's copyright infringement on Marvin Gaye's song "Got to Give it Up". 


In VMware GPL case is back in court - will we finally get some clarity on the meaning of "deriative work" GuestKat Ieva Griedrimaite discusses Hellwig v VMware and, in particular, the scope of the General Public Licence (GPL) applicability and the reach of its copyleft effect.

PI awarded following disagreement with EPO on added matter - Novartis v Dr Reddy's focuses on the English Patents Court decision granting Novartis a preliminary injunction to prevent infringement of its second medical use patent protecting sales of its breast cancer drug everolimus.

In Court of Appeal reaffirms English Court as forum for SEP disputes IPKKat correspondents Jane Mutimear and Richard Vary discuss the appeal on the English Court's jurisdiction to grant a global FRAND licence where UK sales only account for 1% or less of the sales on which royalties are claimed.

The novelty of "on sale inventions" under a confidentiality agreement with regards to an "on sale" invention: the US Supreme Court rules by GuestKat Frantzeska Papadopoulou reports on the  recent US Supreme Court's interpretation of "on sale" invention of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) and how this impacts on the issue of the novelty of an invention.

IPR Carousel

In China IP Office released major IP statistics of 2018 Asia Correspondent Tian Lu reports on the growing number of IPR applications in China. New Chinese E-Commerce Law and its impact on IPR protection focuses on the E-Commerce Law (effective as 1 January 2019) and, in particular, on the scope of "e-commerce", "e-commerce business operators" and on some key provisions on IPR Protection such as guidance on the complaint procedure and liability of the platform operators.

In Hola, I will have the IP -- and a shot of Tequila Kat friends Fredy Sánchez Merino reports on IP developments in Latin America. Mathilde Pavis writes about the UK Intellectual Property Office's call for evidence n the implementation of new copyright regulation introduced in 2014.


GuestKat Rosie Burbidge reviews Concise European Trade Mark Law.

In Writing a proposal for an LLM/PhD thesis: what do you need to think about, Eleonora Rosati gives precious advice concerning the drafting of a Phd/Master thesis's proposal. 

Peter Ling reports on the Young ICCA - WIPO Seminar on IP Arbitration.


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