Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week

Last week, the IPKat brought you some in-depth analysis of the copyright and trade mark developments. Be sure not to miss it! 

A sleeping beauty


Eleonora Rosati addressed a recent decision by the Italian Supreme Court, which held that a technical regulation may in principle be protected by copyright under the Italian law. Although, in the case at hand, the claimant´s text failed to display “qualcosa in più” (Italian for “something more”) and was ultimately denied copyright protection, the Court did not exclude that, in principle, a technical regulation could be eligible for such protection.

The copyright protection of unconventional forms of works was discussed by GuestKat Nedim Malovic, this time from the US perspective. Nedim analysed a decision from the US Copyright Office Review Board, granting copyright protection to the Abercrombie & Fitch’s Store Front Sculpture, which consists of the letters A and F, the ampersand symbol, and the abbreviation “Co.” encased in a backlit glass circle. In view of the CORB, this work is sufficiently creative to be eligible for such protection.

This InternKat looked into the French Constitutional Court opinion on the controversial Avia Law, which aims at combating hate speech on the internet. In May, the French Senate adopted the Avia Law, which would require operators of online platforms to remove terrorist content and child pornography within one hour from receiving a notification from the competent administrative authority and to remove various types of hate speech within 24 hours from receiving a notice from a user. The French Constitutional Court has now recognised these measures as unconstitutional, as they jeopardise freedom of expression and communication in a manner that is not adequate, necessary or proportionate to the aim of protecting human dignity.

Trade Marks

The intention of Louis Vuitton to register and maintain various checkered patterns as an EUTM seems to be continuing [previous caselaw was reported by the IPKat here]. Last week, GuestKat Riana Harvey shared with IPKat readers her analysis of the General Court´s decision on Louis Vuittton’s “Damier Azur” checkered pattern in beige and blue. In essence, the General Court annulled the EUIPO BoA decision that invalidated the EUTM “Damier Azur”, stating that the BoA had erred in its assessment of distinctive character acquired through use of the mark at issue, as it had wrongly limited its analysis to a restricted set of evidence.

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