Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week

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Last week was a busy one for the world at large, though perhaps not so much for the IPKat. Nevertheless, here's what happened.

Trade Marks

Halloween may be over for another year, but the search for so-called zombie trade marks continues. In a guest post, Katfriend Carlo Sala gave an overview of issues arising when businesses seek to capitalise on residual consumer recognition of marks associated with the ghosts of brands past.


The IPKat was honoured to be able to interview Rena Lee, the new Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). Find out more about the priorities and approach of IPOS, including how it can best adapt to emerging challenges such as globalisation in the age of COVID-19, here.

Never Too Late 289 [Week ending November 1] Hague Court of Appeal sets Dutch approach to equivalence, reversing District Court in pemetrexed saga Two Arnolds for the price of one (part 1) | [Guest Post] How can the AfCFTA advance transformative industrialisation? - Event Report | Book review: The Reasonable Robot, Artificial Intelligence and the Law | Book review: Special Protection of Trade Marks with a Reputation under European Union Law Aidan Robson (1960-2020)

Never Too Late 288 [Week ending October 25] Not a toothless prohibition: Even implicit step of treatment by surgery makes method claim unpatentable under the EPC SPCs and orphan drugs-- is the double layer getting messy or is it just a matter of timing? | A new ruling of the District Court in the Hague to shed some light? Hague District Court grants cross-border preliminary injunction against Mylan in Novartis SPC battle | Invalidating a patent after expiry of the patent term? German Federal Court of Justice confirms broad standing to sue | The threat to trust: Will the certification mark be a long-term victim of the coronavirus? | Another view on Glenn Gould, user rights, performance and recording 

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