The IPKat is a creature of delicate sensibilities so, when reading an OHIM decision concerning morality and the scope of Art.7(1)(f) of the CTMR, he was astounded to discover that the Office had allowed BIG COCK & device to be registered. Had the Office taken leave of their senses, sozzled by the Spanish sun? What could be the nature of this device? The IPKat hated to think, but he had to know...

For your delectation and pleasure, the IPKat will post his findings tomorrow afternoon.
OHIM SCANDAL? OHIM SCANDAL? Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Rating: 5


Frédéric said...

Is the Kat afraid of a rooster ?

This is the device of the TM registered by the OHIM.

Now, dare I make the Kat blush, here are a couple of TMs, which consist in a pair of roustons.

Jeremy said...

Merci, Fréderic. The French may say "non" to a European Constitution, but there are some things they just can't refuse ... :-)

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