Holdthefrontpage reports on a spot of bother in Hull. KC107.3FM is a prospective radio station in Hull, partially owned by the chairman of Hull City Football Club. The Hull Daily Mail is the local newspaper. The Hull Daily Mail accused the radio station of copying some of its stories, sometimes completely, and sometimes taking significant phrases and reported the radio station to Ofcom, the telecommunications watchdog. The chairman retaliated, accusing the Mail of trying to sabotage his attempt to obtain a broadcasting licence and barred the Mail from accessing Hull City football players. The Mail has condemned the chairman’s action and has said:
"This is a matter between KCFM, the Mail and Ofcom. It has nothing to do with the football club or the stadium. It is disturbing that Mr Pearson is using his ownership of the football club and his control of the stadium to attack us."
Ofcom’s has refused to consider the Mail’s complain because unauthorised use of contents is not a mater that it considers.

Ofcom stepped in, then Hull City got a bit shirty…

The IPKat is glad to note that this sort of situation is outside Ofcom’s remit. While it is an excellent organisation, it is not the right place to thrash out copyright problems. He points out that it is rare for a person who is essentially accused of copyright infringement to be able to respond by depriving the supposed copyright owner of the subject-matter on which the creation of the copyright work depends.

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