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Having survived the Opening of the Carnaval in Maastricht this weekend, this InternKat now calmly brings you some sober highlights of IP news. 

Carnaval... too, too much dazzling colours...

* The next Roving Seminar hosted by WIPO will take place in Budapest on November 16th, 2016. There is no charge for registering or attending. In addition to the presentations and panel discussions, there will be opportunities for networking during the coffee break and lunch break. The events and all documentation will be in English and Hungarian with simultaneous translation. See additional information here, and a flier here.

* For those who is looking for a book of the art of patent drawing, check out Murray Henderson’s Patent Drawing Rules. The editor suggests that, it is the “ideal, concise reference book for patent attorneys, patent agents, patent draftsmen, inventors, libraries, science and invention museums, and people outside of the United States applying for a U.S. patent.” Meanwhile, the author is presently working on the companion book – Trademark Drawing Rules.

* The Research and Evidence team of the Intellectual Property Office (UK) just announced the latest Research Priorities for 2016/2017. This annual publication locates the research priorities for the forthcoming 12 – 18 months. Further details can be found here

* UNION-IP informs the IPKat: "We are delighted to announce that Mr Justice Henry Carr will be speaking at the UNION-IP Christmas dinner meeting on Tuesday 6 December 2016 at the Royal Overseas League. With a year on the IP bench under his belt and in the context of Brexit, we shall be pleased to hear Mr Justice Henry Carr’s reflections on “a first year or so on the IP bench”, against the usual Christmas dinner backdrop of crackers, hats, Christmas pudding and mince pies." A flier can be found here

Photo courtesy of Ms. Ana Barbara Ribeiro Ramalho.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, the link to the Patent Drawings Rules does not appear to be correct.

Tian Lu said...

Hi there,

This is an unexpected tech-issue and thank you for pointing this out :)
The file was a local-drive one, therefore it works perfectly on my computer but not others. I have changed it into a google-drive file, should be okay now.


Tian Lu

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