Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week

Welcome to the Centesimus edition of Never Too Late - if you missed the IPKat last week, you are in the right place for the 100th Never Too Late!

A mandatory interim order permitting claimants to image and inspect defendants' electronic devices and to delete confidential-wink-wink-nudge-nudge information is available, said Mrs Justice Slade in Arthur J Gallagher Services and others v Skriptchenko and Others.

Katfriend Ben Williams puts piracy in perspective - is DRM getting in the way of the online distribution which helps, rather than harms, authors?

Nick Smallwood brings you pirate [no, not that kind] Blackbeard's image rights and.. infringement by cake?

Merpel squints suspiciously at the proposal document professing to prevent conflicts of interests with the EPO before and after the termination of service. 

Joff Wild, of Intellectual Asset Management, describes the current attractive status of Europe and the UPC, and the US “patent death squad”.

The successful fair use defence in relation to copyright protection of computer code, and the availability of fair use in the commercial context could mean this is big news. Emma Perot explains the background to the case and the potential implications.

Katfriend Olena Butriy explores communication to the public as developed from InfoSoc by the CJEU in depth.Is it the effect or the concept of the new public that is shaping policy here?

The CJEU has considered the freedom of implementing the private copying exception, which may be broad but not so broad as to allow for fair compensation to be funded from the general state budget. Eleonora Rosati explains the progression of EGEDA, C-470/14.

AmeriKat Annsley Merelle Ward is happy to report that the the European Commission has relaunched a call for tenders for a study on SPCs. The deadline for submissions is 27 July 2016.

5G wireless technology: has the battle for national champions already begun?

Whither 5G technology? Neil Wilkof explains the evolution and revolution towards the next generation of wireless technology and the apparent role for national champions from China in the global market.


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